IODASA Rankings

Rankings system made simple

Some FAQs to help set the context

Ques: Why does a sailor need a ranking?

Ans: Rankings are used for a number of things e.g. in-cooperation with YSA determining who will be invited into the State Squads. The objectives of these squads are to:

  • Provide access to the High Performance Pathway structure
  • Develop the skills of talented youth sailors to help them succeed at National level competition
  • Achieve selection into the State Sailing Performance Programs

Ranking as also used in selecting sailors for seeding in the Opti Nationals and in teams racing selection.

Ques: How does a sailor get a ranking?

Ans: Under the 2015-16 current Ranking System the following regattas were used in the ranking process:

  • Optimist National Championships (2-9 January 2016, Georges River Sailing Club, NSW)
  • Optimist South Australian State Championships (Largs Bay 6-7 Feb, 2016)
  • Yachting South Australia Tri-Series ( Tri-Series Round 1 – Port Lincoln, 3-4 Oct, Round 2 – Largs Bay 7-8 Nov and Round 3 Brighton-Seacliff, 5-6 Dec, 2015) as per RRS Appendix A9
  • South Australian Youth Championships (part of the Adelaide Premier Regatta, Largs Bay 2-3 April 2016)

These regatta’s are reviewed each year by the IODASA committee and a formal listing of ranking regatta’s is to be made available by September each year. The IODASA approved 2015-16 Ranking Document is available here

The 2016-17 Ranking Document will be available in the near future.

The rankings used for the 2016-17 season (based on results from the 2015-16) season are available here

Ques: Is there a ranking system for the Green Fleet?

Ans: No. The focus of the Green Fleet is to promote an experience of fun and an introduction into regatta life. The introduction of a ranking system in this fleet could be detrimental to that ethos.

Ques: How are Ranking Calculated?

Ans: Different states use different systems and some even use weightings and drops. AIODA the national committee is looking to standardise systems in the future. In the meantime for 2015-16 season, South Australia adopts the ‘high points’ system as used by ISAF. This works as follows:

At the conclusion of each ranking regatta points are awarded on the following basis:

  • the first placed South Australian Open Fleet Optimist Sailor shall receive points equal to the number of South Australian competitors in that regatta
  • the second placed South Australian Open Fleet Optimist Sailor shall receive points equal to the number of South Australian competitors in that regatta minus 1 (n-1)
  • and so on down to the last placed South Australian Open Fleet Optimist Sailor who receives 1 point.

In any regatta a sailor who starts at least one race gets points.

A sailor who registers for a regatta but does not start a single race does not get any points.

In the event of a tie in the rankings, the sailor that achieved a higher finish at the conclusion of the South Australian Optimist State Championships shall be awarded the higher ranking.

Details for 2016-17 are being finalised and will be available in the near future.

Ques: What if I can’t attend a ranking regatta?

Ans: In the event a sailor misses an IODASA-YSA ranking regatta because he/she is competing at a more senior Optimist event such as an international regatta or other significant interstate event such as an Interstate State Titles, he/she will not be unduly penalised and will receive points calculated as an average of their previous three ranking regatta’s. In such situations permission must be requested in writing to the IODASA or YSA prior to the event. Note – attendance of a competing sporting event (i.e. other sport the sailor may be involved in), or overseas trip etc is not considered an acceptable excuse to be awarded averaged points for a missed regatta. The final decision of averaging will be at the discretion of IODASA-YSA.

Ques: What are the criteria for inclusion in the Ranking System?

Ans: Any South Australian Optimist sailor who is a current financial member of IODASA shall be included in the ranking systems until such time as the sailor ‘ages out’. In this respect a sailor may compete in Optimist events until 31st December of the year in which they turn 15, as per class rules.

It is both an IODASA and YSA policy that unfinancial members are not allowed to compete in ranking regattas.

Ques: What is my Opti Age?

Ans: Opti Age is used to award prizes and in some selection processes e.g. acceptance into the Australian Optimist Development Squad AODS. Whatever age you are in a particular year is your Opti age. Therefore is makes no difference if you are 12 on the 1st January or 31st December 2015 your Opti in 2015 is 12. Sadly the year in which you turn 15 is you last year in Optis.
(Source: IODASA documents and IODAI