IODASA and the Performance Pathway in SA

Australian Sailing have their own criteria for selecting sailors for their performance program (formerly a ranking system). This is not an IODASA initiative, all questions should be referred to Australian Sailing SA regarding their performance pathway.


The 2017-18 Australian Sailing Document.

2018-2019 criteria will be released soon

Ques: Is there a selection system for the Green Fleet?

Ans: No. The focus of the Green Fleet is to promote an experience of fun and an introduction into regatta life. The introduction of a ranking system in this fleet could be detrimental to that ethos.


Ques: What if I can’t attend a qualifying/ranking regatta?

Ans: In the event a sailor misses an IODASA-YSA ranking/qualifying regatta because he/she is competing at a more senior Optimist event such as an international regatta or other significant interstate event such as an Interstate State Titles, he/she will not be unduly penalised and will receive points calculated as an average of their previous three ranking regatta’s. In such situations permission must be requested in writing to AS prior to the event. Note – attendance of a competing sporting event (i.e. other sport the sailor may be involved in), or overseas trip etc is not considered an acceptable excuse to be awarded averaged points for a missed regatta. The final decision of averaging will be at the discretion of AS.


It is both an IODASA and Australian Sailing SA policy that un-financial members are not allowed to compete in ranking regattas.

Ques: What is my Opti Age?

Ans: Opti Age is used to award prizes and in some selection processes e.g. acceptance into the Australian Optimist Development Squad AODS. Whatever age you are in a particular year is your Opti age. Therefore is makes no difference if you are 12 on the 1st January or 31st December 2015 your Opti in 2015 is 12. Sadly the year in which you turn 15 is you last year in Optis.
(Source: IODASA documents and IODAI